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Cultural Aspects of Resilience

While historical oppression is a risk factor for a multitude of issues, connecting with culture through language, oral traditions, engaging with elders, subsistence traditions, pow wows, dances, beadwork, sewing, and basket traditions is a protective factor and a key area for resilience. Read more about cultural aspects of resilience below.

Elders as Conduits for Indigenous Language and Culture

McKinley, C.E., & Laukaitis, K. S. (2019). Elders as conduits for Indigenous language and culture: Promoting resilience and offsetting historical oppression. In J.E. Henriksen, I. Hydle, & B. Kramvig (Eds.), Recognition, Reconciliation, and Restoration: Applying a Decolonized Understanding to Social Work and Healing Processes (pp. 119-140). Oslo, Norway: Orkana Akademisk

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