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Health Equity

Indigenous communities have demonstrated great resilience in the face of persistent patterns of health disparities

that result from colonization and historical oppression.  In the below articles, we discuss how to promote equitable access to 

health and wellness in a culturally grounded way.

Health Equity & Transcendence Among Indigenous Peoples

McKinley, C. E. (In Press). Health equity among U.S. Indigenous peoples: Understanding the intersections of historical oppression, resilience, and transcendence. In P. Liamputtong (Ed.) Handbook of Social Sciences and Global Public Health. 

Health Equity of Indigenous Peoples

McKinley, C. E. (2022). Chapter 36: Native Americans and tribal life in historical oppression and transcendence. In Webb, S. A. (Ed), Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work - 2nd Edition. Routledge. 

Health Equity & Wellness

McKinley, C. E., Spencer, M. S., Walters, K., & Figley, C. R. (2021). Mental, physical and social dimensions of health equity and wellness among US Indigenous peoples: What is known and next steps. Journal of ethnic & cultural diversity in social work, 30(1-2), 1-12. PMC8204742

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