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Parenting Practices

Historical oppression and colonization have caused significant difficulties for Native American families today.

In these articles, we explore practices that parents use to care for their children. These practices can help protect 

children from harmful environments, contribute to family resilience, and many were present prior to colonization.

Discipline &
Positive Parenting

McKinley, C. E., Knipp, H., & Lilly, J. (2022). “A Learning Experience”: Disciplinary and Positive Parenting Practices among Native American Families. Child & Family Social Work, 27(2), 185-194. PMC9246249

Parental Monitoring, Boundaries, &

McKinley, C. E., Lilly J, Liddell, J. L. & Knipp, H. (2021). “I Have to Watch Them Closely”: Native American Parenting Practice and Philosophies. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 30, 2952-2965. PMC8714024

Male Parenting Attitudes

Burnette, C. E., Ferreira, R. J., & Buttell, F. (2017) Male parenting attitudes and batterer intervention: Assessing child maltreatment risk. Research on Social Work Practice, 27(4), 468-477.

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