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Wellness is "living well" across our mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and environmental domains.  Check out what we have found in our research as it relates to wellness below!

Alcohol and Sex-Specific Wellness

McKinley, C. E., Roh, S., & Lee, Y. S. (2021). American Indian Alcohol Use from a Sex-Specific Wellness Approach: Exploring Its Associated Physical, Behavioral, and Mental Risk and Protective Factors. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (2019), 18(1), 32–48.  PMC7790549 

Mental Health Disparities

Ka’apu, K. & Burnette, C. E. (2019). A culturally informed systematic review of mental health disparities among adult Indigenous men and women of the USA: What is known? British Journal of Social Work, 49(4), 880-898. PMC6615176

Youth and Wellness

Burnette, C. E. & Figley, C. R. (2016) Risk and protective factors related to the wellness of American Indian and Alaska Native youth: A systematic review. International Public Health Journal, 8(2), 137-154. Retrieved from

Indigenous Australian Health Gap

Miller, S. & Burnette, C. E. (2016). Closing the Indigenous Australian health gap: Clarifying causes, identifying solutions. Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues, 19(4), 26-41.;dn=198571593325089;res=IELIND 

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