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Environmental Justice &
Historical Oppression

Loss of land, repeated disasters, and climate change all threaten the health of the environment and by extension, the health of those who inhabit the land. Historical oppression and ongoing environmental injustice for Native Americans living on the Gulf Coast are explored in the articles below.

Historic and Contemporary Environmental Justice Issues

Liddell, J. L., McKinley, C. E., & Lilly, J. M. (2021). Historic and Contemporary Environmental Justice Issues among Native Americans in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States. Studies in Social Justice, 15(1), 1-24.

Hurricanes and Indigenous Families

McKinley, C. E., Miller Scarnato, J. M., Liddell, J., Knipp, H., & Billiot. S. (2019). Hurricanes and Indigenous families: Understanding connections with discrimination, social support, and violence on PTSD. Journal of Family Strengths, 19(1), Article 10. Retrieved from: PMC7059777

Repeated Disasters and Chronic Environmental Changes

Billiot, S., Kwon, S., & Burnette, C. E. (2019) Repeated disasters and chronic environmental changes impede generational transmission of Indigenous knowledge, Journal of Family Strengths, 19(1), Article 11. Retrieved from:

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