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Violence Against Women &
Historical Oppression

Historical oppression is a risk factor for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) for Indigenous women. Patriarchal colonialism and its ongoing legacy have created a context for high rates of violence. Read below to find out more about the intersection of historical oppression and violence against women.

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Social & Structural Determinants
of IPV Experiences

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Barriers to Leaving Violence

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Surviving Violence & Perpetrating

McKinley, C. E. & Knipp, H. (2021). “You can get away with anything here… No justice at all”— Sexual violence against U.S. Indigenous females and its consequences. Gender Issues, 39(3), 291-319. PMC9484449

Sexual Violence & Its

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Risk Factors for Violence

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IPV Among Native Older Adults

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Historical Oppression and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

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Indigenous Women's Experiences with IPV

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IPV and Experiences with the Formal Service System

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Consequences of IPV 

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